Who We Are?

RN Solar Industry is one of India’s leading designers of Solar Mounting Systems, specialized in developing and manufacturing of solar mounting systems for Flat Roof, Slope Roof, Ground Mount, Container and Carport Systems.

Our solar mounting systems are state of the art for simplicity, flexibility, reliability and ease of design and installation for more than 15 years. Our solar mounting systems provide the optimal solution for residential, commercial and value scale solar installations. To meet our customer’s special requirements, our strong engineering team also provides tailored made solutions.

As a developer and manufacturer of mounting systems, we create a solid support for your success. We offer proven product solutions and innovative designs result in cost competitive mounting systems with dedicated support that will help you win more projects. Our highly experienced engineering team will do strictly the structural analysis on each mounting product based on harsh wind speed. Based on customer's wind speed and installation site features, our team will offer you customized solutions with load designs an optimum mounting system to provide you the most long-lasting solar support systems along with freedom and flexibility to work with any type of PV module.

Our Solar mounting system frame ranges from single mounting to megawatt mounting systems. Our Solar mounting systems are made of Aluminum, Iron with galvanizing coating, pure galvanizing material and stain less steel. Our Solar mounting systems are light in weight and durable as they are designed to ensure optimal weight, and the mounting systems are capably designed considering the wind load, dead load, seismic load etc., and appropriate to any geographical region. .